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RUSSIA : Stas Namin Center

The Stas Namin Center is a Russian non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Russian cultural traditions and advancing contemporary Russian arts and culture. Since the date of its establishing in 1987, SNC became the first non-governmental public organization for culture and education of new . The SNC has organized, created and set up the first independent Russian television and radio, music production studios, art gallery, design studio and magazine; formed the first Russian private Symphony orchestra.
Music festivals, movie production and film festivals are among other activities. As an independent legal entity, SNC often works in association with Russian Ministries, governmental and public organizations and foundations. SNC s activity is aimed at setting up festivals and exhibitions of Russian culture and other cultural actions in the field of music, cinema, fine arts, theatre, ballet for the purpose of increasing public interest in Russian culture all over the world.
The Festival is supported by The East West Foundation for Culture and Education & The Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography of the Russian Federation

KOREA: SBS Productions
USA : Russian Talent, Foundation
Russian Talent was formed with the sole purpose to present and to promote to the world the vast talent of the Russian culture, past and present, in all areas of the arts. Cinema, music, theatre, dance, art and literature — all have influenced the world in ways unimaginable. To give these great artists and their works the stage for all to revel and enjoy is to open the mind to new and exciting adventures and discoveries.