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Stas Namin Centre. Since 1987


Founder - Stas Namin (Anastas Mikoyan)
Education: 1961-1969
Suvorov Military College 1969-1971
Moscow State Institute of Foreign Languages 1971-1975
Moscow State University,

School of Pholology and Literature 1981-1983
Higher Courses of Script Writers and Movie Directors


1987  First in the independent producing company SNC was created in Gorky Park
First in the USSR international rock festival that brought to Moscow leading rock groups Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Scorpions, Ozzy Osbourne, Cinderella, and attracted 140,000 spectators. The Moscow Peace Festival in the Lenin Stadium became a symbol of freedom of the new era
Moscow Symphony Orchestra was created
The International ethnic “One World festival” in Moscow Gorky Park . The concept of the «One World» Festival is to gather on one stage the performers of different nations, races and religions.
First Russian independent record company «SNC Records».  
Exhibition of the famous American artist Peter Max in Moscow ( Academy of Art ) and St. Petersburg (Hermitage).
First private radio station «Radio SNC».
The international tour of Moscow Symphony Orchestra together with Electric Light Orchestra.
Creation of the show « Moscow-on-Ice ». Russian-American co-production of the film « Restless Garden »
A historic concert «Rock from Kremlin» of the previously banned national rock stars in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses.
First private TV production company «SNC Television».  
«Hello !» – Russian-Japanese fashion show on the Red Square featuring Kansai Yamamoto.
The magazine «STAS» – full update observer of all branches of Russian culture  
«For the future of free » - a historic joint tour around (16 cities)  of the 20 most popular Russian performers.  
Producing of the XXth Moscow International Film Festival.
The festival program to the 850th Anniversary of the City of Moscow : International Carnaval Parade on the Theatre Square and International "One World" Festival: on the Red Square featuring ethnic dance and music and pop-rock perfomers from India, England, Bulgaria, Tuva, Israel, Palestinian Autonomy, Senegal, Belorussia, Japan, Scotland, Brazil.  
Stas Namin’s photo exhibition in the Central Exhibition Hall - «Manezh» (more than 400 pictures).
Moscow Stas Namin Music and Drama Theatre was created.  
Stas Namin’s photo exhibition in the State Russian Museum (St.-Petersburg)  
The series of concerts of Moscow Symphony Orchestra – MSO in the Grand Hall of Moscow Conservatory and Tchaikovsky Concert Hall  
Interstate Russian-German cultural program, together with the Ministry of Culture of    
Russian International Film Festival (RIFF) in Hollywood , featuring more than 40 Russian classics.
Russian International Film Festival in Frankfurt-on-Mein , featuring 74 Russian movies 
Festival of Russian culture “Russian Nights” in Los Angeles (April) and New York (October)  
Cultural program for International Book Fair in Hannover
Festival of Russian culture “Russian Nights” in Los Angeles
Concerts of Folklore Music and Dance Ensemble of Chinese Army in Moscow and St-Petersburg
Festival of American contemporary culture “American Autumn” in Moscow